or alexandra
19 she. unlabeled. enfp.
likes anime, otomes, vtubers, cats, rhythm games, jpop, winter, art, tarot.byf sporadic inactivity. i use ":p :3 owo uwu :v :,v" a lot. mainly tweet about me, hsr and rythm games idk.dni under 17 - mutuals or if i follow first ok!, edtwt/shtwt. pronouns like bun, vamp, etc. if you hate some of the characters i like don't follow me :3games genshin impact ar59 na server. hsr tl 70. muse dash. ensemble stars. osu! luvs venti, robin, june, tori, luka, saeran +music skz, plave, le ssera, ive, nwjns, tripleS, daoko, reol, vivinos +

i just love ya ♡ plave